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Jodi Peterson

Local Motion: Colorado's First All-Female Wildland Fire Crew

"Be a student of fire." That's just part of the advice that Colorado's first all-female wildland fire crew received at a training camp in late May. This summer, the women will work on conservation projects and help fight forest fires in the area around Grand Junction. KVNF spoke to several of the crew members, their instructors, and a couple of longtime female firefighters.

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  • Colorado leading the way for states that want a public insurance option
  • KVNF News examines how the Federal Government will look at climage change
  • Grand Junction schools name permanent Superintendent
  • Bear that attacked a hiker on Memorial Day identified, killed
  • Delta County Commissioners sign contract for new Human Services Building

Laura Palmisano

Lake City in Hinsdale County has seen an historic avalanche season followed by a runoff that threatens floods. For KVNF News, Laura Palmisano interviews local editor and historian Grant Houston about the flooding situation in Lake City, both past and present. Emergency steps have already been taken, including moving the treasures and artifacts housed in the museum to safety.

  • First sentences handed down in deaths of children outside Norwood
  • General slated to lead Space Command speaks to Congress
  • New Space Command might headquarter in Colorado
  • CDOT will not blow up and clear boulder on Highway 145
  • CDOT starts summer work on I70 rock walls in Vail

Host Jill Spears is joined by regular gardening experts Lance Swigart and Lulu Volckhausen, plus special guest Bill McDorman, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance.

  • Colorado state economy the fifth best in the country
  • Denver's mayoral election will be decided today
  • Lake City residents face possible floods, not for the first time
  • Glenwood Springs signs deal to become 100 percent renewable energy city

  • Democracy School coming to Paonia in October
  • New minimum wage law allows employees to lobby for higher wages
  • Governor Polis signs new laws aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions
  • DMEA will conduct a helicopter survey of its service lines

On June 13, 2010 a bright fireball streaked across the sky over Australia. Was this a meteor or an errant piece of space junk burning up in Earth’s atmosphere? Actually, none of the above. It was Japan’s Hayabusa space probe returning to Earth at 25,000 m.p.h., after visiting the asteroid Itokawa.

  • KOTO story recapping the rock fall on Highway 145 between Cortez and Telluride
  • KBUT story about volunteer efforts in Lake City as flood danger increases
  • Tri State power provider gets offer to retire most of its coal produced power

  • New law lets cities and towns set their own minimum wage
  • Investigators of destructive 416 Fire last year still don't know what caused it
  • Proposal for a Front Range rail line linking Fort Collins to Trinidad
  • Earthquake shakes Gypsum; third minor earthquake this year in state

Host Jill Spears, gardeners Lance Swigart and Lulu Volckhausen, plus special guest Amber Kleinman chat about the cooler-than-normal spring weather and other gardening topics, plus take calls from listeners.


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Two men tried to break open an ATM on Okaloosa Island. They only managed to weld metal parts of it shut and they left with nothing.

HBO's hit drama Big Little Lies wasn't supposed to have a second season. But after last year's debut earned Emmy and Golden Globe awards, HBO announced a second installment.

Fifty years ago this month, police raided a gay bar in New York City called the Stonewall Inn.

It was a common occurrence at the time, but on this night, patrons – trans women of color, lesbians, drag queens and gay men – said "enough." The raid ignited six days of protests and became known as the Stonewall Riots – largely credited with sparking the modern gay rights movement.

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